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About Haley

  HI! My name's Haley Walsworth and I'm a 25-year-old wedding videographer (kinda obvious maybe?)

  I was born and raised in West Michigan and am now based in Grand Rapids, MI.

My fun fact I usually hand out to people is that I was raised on the family farm where we grow asparagus (yeehaw). 

  My start with wedding videography is a little unique, but you've gotta start somewhere right?

  My childhood bestie asked me to film her and her wedding party entering the ceremony on neat old cars, and me being me, couldn't not give her a whole wedding video including speeches, reception, and everything in between. 

  I worked at Disney World for a season as a Photopass Photographer (hence the fun package names). I love laughing, cats, and playing card games and I am always down for a beach day! 

  I quickly realized my love for wedding videography and TA-DA! Haley Ryan Productions was born. 

  Now, HRP shows up to your special day ready to capture every detail and be a fly on the wall as you experience one of the happiest memories EVER. Truly making filming weddings my DREAM job! 

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